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  1. Levitation (from Latin levitas "lightness") is the process by which an object is held aloft, without mechanical support, in a stable position.

Learn more about this Levitation Charm HERE!

Let's Experiment with Levitation!

{Understanding the SCIENCE behind floating/hovering on water and in air}


make a LEVITATING Horcrux Ring!


See the Full instructions for "Levitation FUel:"

Make the "Golden Snitch" Levitate!

See the FULL INSTRUCTIONS for Snitch levitation.

Snacks keep our energy "AFLOAT!"

Watch the two videos below for step-by-step instructions on how 
to make "LEVITATION-themed" tasty treats for today's snack!
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-Mystery Potions Magic-

Using the mystery powders and liquids pictured below, work in your houses to conduct experiments testing the chemical reactions when combining certain liquids with certain mystery powders. See below for process steps.
  1. Be very careful and responsible with your precious potions ingredients.
  2. Follow the process on the document at the links below (click on the images). 
  3. Make a copy of the document. 
  4. Change title to include your house name. 
  5. Take notes on your experiment throughout the process using this document.
  6. After the experiments are complete, make predictions on the document guessing the identities of the mystery powders and liquids.
  7. Using the app, Educreations, creatively record the process and results of your experiments. This may include photos, video, voice recordings, and written notes.

-Create Your OWN Potion-

Using the resources below to learn more about potions INGREDIENTS and finished potions MIXTURES, create your own potion!!!

-Potions Ingredients-

-Finished Potions-


Add your own potion to one of the slides in our Indian Trail Potions Book!

-Make Potions on Pottermore-

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Spells from every book/movie:

What the spells actually MEAN:

Research Spells Further

Instructions for creating Hogwarts spells

Quick SPell Creator

Create your OWN DETAILED Spell

You've researched, watched, and tried making quick spells.....now you're ready to create some IN-DEPTH, POWERFUL spells on your own!
Using the resources above, write your own spell, following the guidelines HERE.  

Take notes, be as detailed as possible, share with a friend, IMPROVE your spell based on feedback from your house members.  THEN, when you're done, add your spell with ALL of the information you wrote as well as coordinating images to our VERY OWN Indian Trail Hogwarts Book of Spells & Charms!  Use the categories in the template pictured below to create all of the NECESSARY COMPONENTS of your spell.
Click the image below to add to the book of spells template!