<![CDATA[STEMagination Station - Potter's Parent Pensieve (Parents)]]>Mon, 23 Nov 2015 04:25:05 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Hogwarts Catapults Part 1]]>Thu, 20 Nov 2014 21:13:27 GMThttp://stemaginationstation.weebly.com/potters-parent-pensieve-parents/hogwarts-catapults-part-1Students worked in their houses (teams) to design and create a candy corn catapult with the goal of launching their piece of candy corn the farthest of all houses.  In addition to this STEM portion of the challenge, participants had to create a Hogwarts-themed scenario to accompany their creation.

Some designed with the purpose of warding off Dementors, others wanted a machine to help make them better Quidditch players, still other houses created the device to scare away critters like giant woodland spiders....and more! Stay tuned for GREEN SCREEN COMMERCIALS featuring each catapult and its purpose!  Check back soon for videos!
<![CDATA[Welcome to Potter's Parent Portal!]]>Tue, 09 Sep 2014 03:30:46 GMThttp://stemaginationstation.weebly.com/potters-parent-pensieve-parents/welcome-to-potters-parent-portalWE WILL STORE OUR MEMORIES HERE, LIKE DUMBLEDORE STORED MEMORIES IN HIS PENSIEVE. 
Check out the slideshow below for a peek at our first day at Hogwarts Academy! Each week on this parent portal page, we will post pics of our amazing Hogwarts Adventures! Check back weekly for updates and details.

Want to see what we are doing IN class? Click HERE to visit the Coursework page for all first year witches and wizards attending Hogwarts. This page will show you what we are learning IN CLASS each week. 

Week 1: Sorting Hat & Wand-Making

In our first week, Hogwarts scholars were sorted into houses using a Sorting Hat app, created caramel sorting hats for snack (exploring changes in states of matter from heat & friction), and created our very own magic wands!

Week 2: Wand Lore Greenscreen Reports 
Quidditch Field Construction

Hogwarts witches & wizards used green screen technology to give reports on the rationale behind their wand creations and materials, making it look like they were LIVE at Hogwarts giving the reports. Watch for the videos to be uploaded SOON! Additionally, Hogwarts students created magic wand snacks and constructed Quidditch field models using some of the SUPER COOL new engineering manipulatives we purchased using our Foundation 112 grant!

Weeks 3-4: Hogwarts Grounds Exploration
Creative Engineering & Innovation

This week was all about grounds exploration at Hogwarts. The mysterious properties of Hogwarts castle and its surrounding grounds are a huge part of Potter lore. Students selected STRUCTURES within Hogwarts grounds to replicate using our Foundation 112 grant manipulatives. 

Popular structures chosen were the Hogwarts changing staircases, Gringotts vaults & mine tracks, and the Chamber of secrets. Some designs failed at first. After modifications, teamwork, and persistence, each house created AMAZING, unique replicas of Hogwarts grounds structures using a variety of our grant materials!!! 

For snacks, students used wafers, icing, and graham crackers to construct a Hogwarts "changing staircase" at least 5 steps tall. Designs were all different, but all were creative and functional!

Week 5: Marauder's Map & TECH

One of our favorite features of Harry Potter & Hogwarts is the Marauder's Map! Students "solemnly swore to be up to no good" as they hid a "magical" object somewhere in the school, then worked as a team using the iPad app, Educreations, to virtually draw, narrate, and add clues for other Hogwarts houses to use to try and find their hidden object.